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A 21 years old girl and still don't have any idea what kind of doctor or what kind of person that she wants to be.

  • I love black!
  • I love rain!
  • I love panda!
  • I love you!


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  • I Miss You
    Monday, 27 February 2017 | 0 Comments


    Dah cuba tahan..

    Tak boleh.. I rindu you.. sangat..

    I tak tahu nak luahkan kat siapa kat mana and macam mana..

    I still nampak senyuman you depan I.. I nampak you.. I dengar you panggil I..

    I.. I rindu you sangat weh...

    You buat apa? Sihat? Are u okay?

    I rindu you.. I nak you tahu I rindu you tapi I tak tahu cemana..

    Sedih weh serius I sedih sangat..

    Tak pernah rasa camni.. You..

    You rindu I tak?

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