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  • W E A K N E S S ?
    Monday, 7 December 2015 | 0 Comments

    necklace, grunge, and moon image

    Hi! and yeah... as usual.. wehhh lama gila tak update.. hahaha.. assignment.. lab reports.. test.. mid sem exam.. assignment lagi.. hahahaha luckily final bulan 1 huhuhu

    So.. weakness huh? let me define it first..

    In my opinion, weakness is about things that you should hide and never ever show to the others. Why show your weakness to others? Are they gonna understand? are they gonna tell you that you will be okay? Do you think they will never bring you down?

    No weh. Tak. Just keep it. Dont show it. Orang akan buat kau lebih down bila kau bagitahu kelemahan kau kat orang lain.. Contoh? Kau takut dengan ketinggian... Kau fikir semua akan faham?

    No. They will think you are funny.. They will make fun of you.. Is that what you want? Aku pernah buat.. dan aku pernah alami.. It hurts siaa . sakit.. Kau akan rasa tak mampu nak bangun dah..

    Just.. dont trust other people like how you trust yourself. Tapi..

    That weakness.. bukan semua orang takkan faham.. akan ada yg faham.. trust me.. akan ada.. akan ada orang yg faham kelemahan kau, ketakutan kau, insecurities kau. akan ada..

    Jangan hidup dalam kegelapan terlalu lama. It doesnt good for yourself. Kau akan tend to sit by yourself and being alone. It is like what I'm doing it now. But not so alone lah. I still have my friends even we are not too close kat MSU nie.

    Hahaha.. why so serious? aku cuma cakap dengan cermin.. hahaha.. well.. please pray for me... they think I've changed now. and I dont know why.. it is like fatin yg biasa have gone away......

    Oh ya, if you can't reach me, then please find me by your own. Hahahahaha macam ada yg nak cari. K aku perasan. dah la tin. hehehe.. kaybye

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